would-be anniversary – 9/21/14

9/21/14 1:38pm – 9/21/14 6:34pm

would-be anniversary

happy would-be anniversary
would that you could spare the time
i’m not seeking an eternity
just this day that would’ve marked nine

could it be you’ve cleansed the memory
of this day to make room inside?
there’s three-hundred and sixty-four others i see 
that are left to which nothing is tied

all that i ask is for you to be 
at this table for two where we’d dine
happy would-be anniversary
would if it could cross your mind

happy would-be anniversary

One thought on “would-be anniversary – 9/21/14”

  1. Ummmm, this is awkward. Everyone knows who you are talking about. Amirite?!

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