cherry flavor on top – 10/28/13

10/28/13 3:28am – 11/13/13 4:30pm

cherry flavor on top
(ill riding crop)

could you pretty please pass me a cough drop?
no’s not like i’d like it to stop..
spare it if you can so the subject might drop
this cold hasn’t shown any sign of a stop
just a tightened grip on an ill riding crop
could you pretty please with cherry flavor on top
spare me these hoops through which you’re having me hop
and get to the point that is found at your top
before it’s mid-november before i stop?

of house paint – 10/27/13

10/27/13 4:54am – 11/18/13 2:31am

of house paint
(the husband without a spouse)

okay i get it i got it good day
you treat them as if you’d took in a stray
they live with you; you don’t live with they
where black and white house paint won’t mix to grey
there no matter what the color will stay
where inside of four walls you too will stray
there you’ll grow old, but hair never will grey
where like owner like home is what they will say
of house paint and owners that never will grey

i can see you growing old in that house
still the husband without a spouse
still set in your ways too late to grey
the color the only one to stay
unable to keep even a stray
with no home to show for all that house

the tourists win again – 10/26/13

10/26/13 4:58am – 5:20am
– 11/2/13 4:25pm

the tourists win again
(davey’s house)

what i’m saying is: 
the memory alone just won’t do
so i had to make this 
to take this all away from you
a written token taken 
to help remember you by
the tourists win again 
with souvenirs all held up high

like your high ceiling 
that eventually would have fade
forever from my mind 
but now it’s as if i had stayed
like your sewing station 
and props of the past all around
like our own language 
of coughing that is the only sound

like your portrait paintings 
with artist and subjects unknown
like your girlfriend for the moment 
still unmet until shown
like your light that’s better left on 
and food that’s been left out
like your rug made for us 
without a shadow of a doubt

like your bath drawing 
while i hold my piss and peace out here
like your stick of gum i still chew 
that kept me up to steer
i’m taking them all home with me
smiling from ear to ear
with them held up high 
as more a trophy than souvenir

c.l. swann – 10/7/13

10/7/13 2:12pm – 12/12/13 11:44pm

c.l. swann
(a son of present iii)

it may be my first name,
but it won’t be my last
as far as i’m concerned
the past is in the past
no more to me am i cody
i am c.l. he’s history
making wind behind my sails you’ll see
my initials are the mast