accidental waterbed III – 9/29/13

9/29/13 3:04pm – 10/2/13 2:23pm

accidental waterbed III
(lose this day iv)
(the pillow with high tide)
(take drool as a sign to lose sleep)

on his way back to petting their wool
he landed his eye ball in a pool
of what’s turned out to be his own drool

on his bed his wet had not yet dried
where he last hit the pillow with high tide
napping away to lose this day inside

in his mind his wet that disturbed sleep
turned the corner of his mouth to keep
him from counting their three billion sheep

in his wildest dream he’d never leap
if puddles said jump no matter how deep
awake he’ll take drool as a sign to lose sleep

on his case now is little bo peep
for letting wool be lost with his lost sleep
if he would she could adopt his sheep

in his case he would if she could sleep
buts that not the case in the case of peep
if nursery rhymes dreamt he’d donate his sheep

on his word he swears this to the creep
tucking him back in to go back to sheep
with a blanket she knit him herself to sleep

on his watch he won’t be made a fool
over his wet eye he’s going to pull
up what’s turned out to be made of wool

suckers not swallowing gum – 9/27/13

9/27/13 7:20pm – 11/2/13 12:33am

suckers not swallowing gum
(juicing life)

he wouldn’t be doing himself any favors
denying himself the couple calories earned
by spitting out gum just because of lost flavors
when chewing itself amounts to calories burned

sure it will sit a brick in his stomach ten years
to him that’s money’s worth worth kissing the cashier
to not squeeze the life out of life is what he fears
and suckers not swallowing gum bring him to tears

he is juicing life as if life itself were made
from the lemons it gave him to make lemonade
in a pool of labors of fruit is where he’ll wade
pruned misreading the scale on which all fruit are weighed
forever unconcerned with tasting where he’s stayed
for the calories that count down his gum’s decade

cold shower diet – 9/26/13

9/26/13 9:17am – 10/25/13 2:49pm

cold shower diet
(digging my own loopholes)
(take two birds one stone as a sign)

she said it herself two birds one stone
after i said it and i meant it
on the page that i was on my own
the words the same the difference the tone
but what different chord my accent hit
heard with two ears that were my own

she said it turning to me to stone
drop your pants please and lift up your shirt
but to my surprise not much had grown
where i’d planted loopholes in the dirt
out the window my two birds had flown
she said it herself two words; no stone

i’m unsure of where it will end
if this is only where it starts
in showing myself to someone
who only sees me as parts
what’s to come is me yet again
if no cold shower diet starts

dinner getting colder – 9/25/13

9/25/13 8:32pm – 9/25/13 9:04pm

dinner getting colder
(until then salivating)

here’s what i think:
and correct me if i’m wrong.
i think that you are bored.
i think that you think i am here to entertain you.
but here’s what i know:
i know that you bore me and
that this conversation is over..
..with myself..sitting here that
i may finally eat this dinner getting colder.

but in the future when I meet you,
you deserving of my too thought out rehearsed response,
you will sit there and take it as you watch me stumble over those words.
as i try to get them out just as they were written here in one piece
after i’m caught off guard in my anticipation of you.
until then salivating.

holy three – 9/24/13

9/24/13 11:29pm – 9/25/13 1:33am

holy three
(immediate family III)

in the name of the father
a quivering shivering chin
the son a bedwetter
and my holy spirit amen
she had gotten better
but mary she’s lost it again
us holy three won’t bother
her to pray for another sin
praying we’ll soon forget her
the most blessed amongst women
still she’s ours to say a hail her
at the hour of her death amen

the perverted chorus – 9/22/13

9/22/13 3:59pm – 12/19/13 1:02am

the perverted chorus
(cold shower diet iii)
(heaven is a bathroom with a lock iii)

i haven’t felt myself today
and i know i won’t tomorrow
it’s by my own hand or lack there of
to not go how far too far goes

it’s my safe search for the answer
to the perverted chorus
the lightened load weighing on me
that seems never to bore us

what’s to come is not me for now
where my blood has always rushed
what came over me was the urge to prove
what’s done is what’s flushed

it came to me while adding my
finishing touches to heaven
to start on a diet that i thought
would make it to day seven

but here my ears perk on day six
to hear it playing for (weighing on) us
once this cold shower diet stops
start the perverted chorus

(the end of my end of the bargain)

dedicated to patricia – 9/15/13

9/15/13 3:09pm – 9/23/13 10:21pm

dedicated to patricia
(the line of know and knew you is thinning)
(one side of a two-story house)

you handed me the title
before i had this verse
as your usual blessing
for each and every curse
all i’d never need or want
here inside you where i haunt
these blessings that come in spurts to taunt
the sick staying sick for your nurse

out of the palm of the elderly hand – 9/9/13

9/9/13 9:57am – 9/17/13 8:33pm

out of the palm of the elderly hand
(desire to feed what need to be fed)

out of the palm of the elderly hand
together they carry on tradition
whatever it is that possesses man
it comes with age’s simple addition

on a park bench it comes to fruition
desire to feed what need to be fed
birds spoiled with elderly permission
crumbs direct the flock with hands breaking bread

oh it seems to me there’s something to be said
for what seems to be the human condition
if aging feels the need it’s our decision
to desire to feed what need to be fed

third daughter – 9/1/13

9/1/13 1:21pm – 9/11/13 11:01am

third daughter
(fog of faking interest)

i didn’t know it was possible
to be adopted by a lover
she’s been taken in even when there’s
a mother and father that love her
through her fog of faking interest
clearly we see what went above her
she didn’t know it was possible
what we are really thinking of her