the bush we beat around – 8/30/14

8/30/14 10:06am

the bush we beat around
(as obvious as the earth is round)

you don’t have to wear it
when he is around
on or off your finger
it’s where it can be found

you don’t have to swear it
is safe and is sound
with you or without it
to you it is bound

if you can not bear it
don’t let it weigh you down
my every other day queen 
you can take off your crown

i am well aware it’s 
as bad as it sounds
you don’t have to say it
just to hear out loud

what weighs on you to wear it
doesn’t weigh a pound
this ring is a symbol
of the bush we beat around

but we musn’t dare quit
for fear of being found
it to me’s as obvious
as the earth is round

detail i will spare it 
and just reword what i’d found
with you or without you
to you i am bound

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