useless number – 11/8/14

11/8/14 11:55pm – 11/13/15 7:11pm

useless number
(in speaking for the unspoken for)

useless useless number
be for me what they couldn’t
comfort me with quantity
although i know you shouldn’t

undress undress me as
before the others had
but as for the grand total please
to it do not add

fruitless fruitless number
be more than lovers had
unlikely as it may be
to grip what’s scantily clad

useless useless number
speak for the unspoken for
but as for me convince please
that less, yes less is more

study for useless number – 11/8/14

11/8/14 11:55pm – 12/9/14 8:35pm

study for useless number
(its soaked veil lifted)
(the grand total shifted)

always quick to share
the first to read aloud
the last to leave alone
with uncommanded crowds

but now you hear me
you listen good and well
a list in spit was kept
for me to kiss and tell

see its soaked veil lifted
here it is if ears allow
near it is; the useless number
pruning in mysterys shroud

see its soaked veil lifted
hear it being rung out
fear not the grand total shifted
fear no fruitless amount