dear sincerely yours – 1/?/11

1/?/11 – 11/19/13 7:38pm

dear sincerely yours
(all fours)

dear sincerely yours
a letter overdue
you brought her to all fours
through break her vows renew

and you said it’s over
then you said red rover
send mistress back over

please don’t raise the right
and put left on a book
you should know the sight’s
not worth a second look

my dear sincerely yours
though eight and four we knew
you brought her to all fours
signed one out of your two

and you said it’s over
how far you could throw her

masculine swells – 1/1/11


masculine swells

it would have been a pleasure
had I stretched what i measure
to raise her heart-rate in ways
she can’t reach while im in phase

take off your heels so i seem tall
masculine swells nerves most of all

can’t maintain this affection
over thinking connection
a temporary concern
not worth new body to learn