karaoke crooner – 10/30/14

10/30/14 2:25pm – 10/30/14 3:51pm

*karaoke crooner

i made your bed
where we laid out
on the night we fought
when i walked out

i bicker and stew
like a cartoon
i just animate you
then i leave the room

i made my bed
i’m laying out
on the couch you bought
that he picked out

i sing a little tune
to a giggling you
i karaoke croon
genius perfume

*karaoke crooner is based on the work, “fool”, by perfume genius from his latest album, “too bright”.
karaoke crooner is meant to act as alternative lyrics to the track.

myth doubts – 10/18/14

10/18/14 9:10pm – 12/1/14 3:33am

myth doubts
(eight syllables)

please hold my other hand
’cause this one doesn’t count
please try and understand 
what i myself don’t know about 

these both are working hands
but one i do without
squeeze not the one i damn
for the right-handed this myth doubts

it started god knows when
and only he knows why
on earth his own children
are born to minds they’re crippled by

from such an early age
a poor child of rituals
come to a later stage
and find a life now rich with rules

it started with my right
but spread there from the hand
i pray an end’s in sight
but i am kneeling to demands

i say an end’s in sight
but i am feeling such a fool
as i sit here and write
taking care there’s eight syllables

please take this absurd hand
against my own free will
please make me understand
and don’t let go of me until

where there’s tunnel there’s light
if lead in i can be lead out
i say an end’s in sight
but i myself have doubts

the quicksand that is perfect timing – 10/5/14

10/5/14 8:38pm – 10/13/14 9:32pm

the quicksand that is perfect timing
(afflicted with cold feet)

i think you know where i stand
it’s where you hoped we were going
it’s there you lead me by hand
to a line in quicksand floating

you drew it with your own hand
as to say lets swim or sink
and now that we seek dryland
you say lets stay and have a drink

i think i know where you stand
it’s where out of i’m climbing
you’re neck deep in the quicksand
holding your breath for perfect timing