soft habit – 9/22/14

9/22/14 10:25am – 10/1/14 5:29pm

soft habit

the want i need it runs so very deep
the rabbit hole i went down so very steep
soft habit, just once let this lying dog sleep
why rabbits when you could be counting sheep?

the company kept is never to keep
the chase the thrill of it always i seek
soft habit, spare please these rabbits in heat
call off the hunt if there’s no plans to eat

the beds i climb into are never for sleep
the pillows my head hit; rabbits are biting
soft habit, take my leash for i am too weak
lead me to water so i might drink

the want i need; what i’ve sowed i must reap
the beds that i made; in them i must sleep
soft habit, just one promise i ask you keep:
promise in this fur coat you won’t bury me

soft habit, my master put your pet to sleep
promise it will be wool when you bury me