when i said i saw it coming – 2/24/13

2/24/13 1:59pm – 3/6/13 3:11am

when i said i saw it coming
(anything to get out of dinner)

when i said i saw it coming
i meant i was told his future
of the shock that’d explain numbing
& his not too distant suture

anything to get out of dinner
on a day that should have been her’s

when i said i saw it coming
by it i meant the accident
from the first note that saw was humming
something inside me took the hint

when i said i saw it coming
i could not have predicted this
that instead of saying something
i would long for ignorant bliss

anything to get out of dinner
on a day that should have been her’s

cayton st. V – 2/17/13

2/17/13 10:07am – 2/17/13 10:50am

cayton st. V
(interrupting past aromas)

the pool in the backyard of 7610 cayton
is filled with dog’s drowning.
without question a couple others & i
jump in to start the rescue since there
is no lifeguard to fulfill the duties.
the water is cloudy, making the already
absurd scenario harder than it has to be.
we beat each dog’s individual expiration
& the odds the murky water stacked against us.

with little time to rest on our laurels we are
greeted by the three beings responsible for
the dogs taking a swim.
they are none too happy to see the dogs
ringing out their wet coats instead of
“playing dead”.
turning to exit the backyard, one of the
three cackles that they have every intention
of making this right, but now we are included
in what was wrong.

in a matter of that minute a mangled,  snarling,
hyaena-like dog arrives at the entrance of
the backyard.
i rush to secure the chain-link fence not
beginning to know what to expect,
but i notice the latch is gone.
the hyiena begins to speak, “do you really
think you can keep them safe?!!”, while letting
out a terrible laugh.

on that note it begins to throw itself at
the gate.
with the latch missing it becomes a game
of my strength vs. it’s.
knowing i won’t be able to hold the hyiena
forever i yell to the others to start evacuating
the dogs.
as they finish fleeing i get one last hard push
against the hyiena to set him back a couple feet.
it gives me just enough of a head start to make
it to the fence the others jumped before
cerebus can snag a bite.

clearing the fence presents no problem & i
hit the grass on the other side with a spring
in my step.
only the hyena is ready & waiting.
fed up with my evading he barks, “thought you
gottaway pretty easy didn’t ya? we got
something special for ya. ever heard of saw dog?”
of course i hadn’t..
“saw dog come on out & meet your meat”

if it came from out of the ground or out
of the thin air i’m uncertain, but out popped
a miniature saw blade bearing no resemblance
to any member of the canine family that i’ve ever
as soon as the hyena was done barking
introductions the saw dog started to show how
it at least got the first word in it’s title.
the chase was on.

the noise it made while chasing me
was a familiar one.
one that i usually associated with the smell
of fresh cut wood.
it was a comforting smell that took me
back to sundays spent shadowing my father
while he worked with his hands building
whatever peaked his interest.
but imminent harm has a funny way
of interrupting past aromas.

there is more, but that’s all
that i care to recall
an unexpected chord
was struck by those walls
inside this dream i’ve took it seems
sentimental value
from a tale that is tall

what i’m told the time is – 2/15/13

2/15/13 2:44am – 2/15/13 3:05am

what i’m told the time is

i’m more interested in counting the
second occurring between the clicking
of the clock’s hand.
whether it is running fast or slow of
the seconds hand is entirely up to me.

convincing myself to hear between
what i’m told the time is feels so unnatural.
as soon as i get comfortable enough to
zone out you’ll find me back in line with
the seconds hand & everything else.

all the answers – 2/15/13

2/15/13 2:19am – 2/15/13 2:38am

all the answers
(out of reflex)

every intention i have is accounted for
& not a one intended to take a shit when
i locked the door behind me & sat down.
then why god why could it be that i find
myself pissing sitting down?

this stream coming to a close is all my
body seems to be hinting at.
i haven’t picked up on familiar feelings
that would pin it to subconscious urge.
you haven’t given me all the answers,
but thank you god for a door that locks.

i wiped a dry ass out of reflex.

I take it to mean they were about to leave – 2/5/13

2/5/13 1:43pm

i take it to mean they were about to leave

when i sit down the whole room clears out.
television will make you believe anything.
I knew i recognized that face
should i test him?
see if his story checks out.
ask him about the family that had supposedly died.
i’m sure he does not remember me
obvious body language.
he can probably tell what i’m about to ask him.
there is never any sense in building it up.
i’m staring at him like one does when well acquainted.
this may confuse him.
that man was so mean to him.
i’m both glad & saddened that he could cry in front of a group of strangers.

dedicated to puberty – 2/13/13

2/13/13 9:47am – 6/12/13 1:34pm

dedicated to puberty
(when we walk, my dog, walk me)

eleven (i’m)

jealous of the arm that
falls asleep faster
& of whoever it’s
now calling master


jealous of the time they
are spending together
quick to leave me in the
absence of fair-weather


but i myself have a someone
i keep up waiting
my significant other one
i keep rotating


& it is whenever my arm
loses itself sleeping
when it is back in her bed that
i find myself creeping


arm that falls asleep talk me
into bed to help muse faster
when we walk, my dog, walk me
to show me who is whose master


how anything gets done when
you are around is all a wonder
& when is all the time when
you are not helping put me under

while waiting to file my tax return – 2/13/13

2/13/13 11:38am – 2/13 /13 2:33pm

while waiting to file my tax return

pardon me for being so forward.
sitting within earshot of each other is
not reason enough to speak up.
you are forcing your way to connection
in a way that i am not willing to sit through.

you don’t really care about why i am
dressed up or if i have the day off or not.
nor do i care about the meeting with a
man who experienced tax fraud being
the hold up.

but if you asked me what i am writing
the answer would be everything about you.
of course i should be telling you this instead
of writing it down while you force your

no longer looking to my middle – 2/12/13

2/12/13 1:10pm – 2/13/13 12:53am

no longer looking to my middle

please hear me when i say i do no wish
to be touched there.
i can no longer hear the knocking
that once called attention to my middle.
& there will be no further answering
of doors that can deliver no guest.

what i carry with me is what i carried
with me.
please hear me when i say i do not
wish to be touched there.
you return me to visions of failed
animation & fruitless labor.

of the faces – 2/8/13

2/8/13 10:43am – 2/18/13 1:36am

of the faces
(bending my own set of rules)

i would say what a pleasure it is meeting you
but i have just been informed that neither is true
the introduction i bade was already made
since then your image seems to have fade
& in it’s place where it would have stayed
lyrics to songs i wish i never knew

of the faces you have already met
there will be a few you may just forget
i hope that they do not hold a
grudge over what’s an honest mistake
neither you nor i’ll look back on this day
so shake my hand & be on your way
to shake the many more you’ve yet

potential visitor – 2/8/13

2/8/13 1:07am -2/8/13 1:36am

potential visitor
(into hiding temporarily)

all was well until whatever that was.
the conclusion i’ve leaped to is home invasion.
if i play dead just maybe i can get the jump on
him first.
if he gets the best of me it could put her & i
in compromising positions.

out of the first things that are first maybe i
should alert her of our potential visitor.
she could go into hiding temporarily until
the coast is clear.
you & i both know that nobody is inside
that doesn’t already belong here.
but thoughts of her in harms way are
getting the best of me