genuine waking thought – 11/19/13

11/19/13 6:56am – 11/26/13 7:09pm

genuine waking thought
(off by a season)

“today is september thirteenth”,
was his genuine waking thought
but once reality (intermission) set in
he learned his mental clock was not

he was only off by a season
by a sixty-seven day difference
a trip back through already happened
through a state of total made sense

“sure am glad i wrote all that down”,
was his second genuine thought
but in his dreams was where he’d wrote
what by then he had long forgot

and in its place playing were the dreamed girls laying
on white sheets with a warning two months too late
the two of them fading were quoted as saying,
“more and more disappears the longer you wait”

dragging blender days – 11/15/13

11/15/13 11pm – 11/16/13 12:12pm

dragging blender days

we’re having trouble telling blender days apart
where it is one ends and where it is the next starts
we’re hoping we can punctuate these run-on days
with the secrets they have kept hidden in their gaze

and now that we’re sincerely dragging blender days
away from the way our tails usually wag
it seems to me even so in so many ways
the blender days before were never more a drag