the son above me – 1/8/14

1/8/14 10:06pm – 2/13/14 8pm

the son above me
(dedicated to patricia iii)
(she made her point of view)

the son above me it doesn’t love me
it haunts me only to curse my life
by my hand it died but my god i’ve tried
to be a good mother, nurse, and wife

the son above me just the sight of me
is enough to make it’s stomach turn
and all of it’s fuss over “nauseous us”
has convinced me that mine too should churn

the son above me it can’t be of me
and if it is god give me a sign
by my push it cried but nature it lied
the son above me is no son of mine

the son above me will never love me
and it’s only it’s cruel point i’ll miss
so let’s close this chapter for ever after
i too can’t go on living like this

my son above me isn’t it lovely?
the light that’s come to mean crossing over
but you’d rather fight than go towards that light
that’s still calling your name to red rover