in the mood to sew – 1/7/14

1/7/14 8:48pm – 1/13/14 7:03pm

in the mood to sew
((my stomach is killing me (not you))

i can hear the bell that tells
me my time has come to go
but what’s here is only fear
of the unsoftenable blow

this feeling has a ceiling
and keeps from me what it knows
where it ends is below when
exactly it is i’ll go

but what’s above shouldn’t be of
any concern to me though
when life pauses of natural causes 
we still say it can’t be so

i rang the bell knowing well
it’d all but deliver the blow
know if i’m sent was no accident 
if by my hand or her’s i go

all this hanging by a thread
has me in the mood to sew
from the something chris bell said
before he himself did go