study for still life with mistaken keepsake – 9/28/14

9/28/14 1:03pm

study for still life with mistaken keepsake

keepsake under a microscope
from a painful point in time.
i recognize that it’d be stupid to just about anyone else, but they are not to me.
that’s not from a night with us –
you are mistaken. it was another.
“they aren’t all from dates you know?”
it coincidentally has my lucky numbers on them: 3 33.
“i like knowing your month’s flower is a violet and your stone is amethyst. did you know that?”
“yeah, I did.”
“why do you look so sad?”
“because it happens.”
its the association
it’s those colors on that rectangular paper, it’s that card stock, and that stupid fortune that i associate with a painful point of time that i do not look back kindly on.
“i have keepsakes from others, but you’ve never been confronted by them.”
“do you want to keep it?”
“no, i don’t want it..actually, can i have it?”
“because i’m going to use it.”
“for what?”
“something i can not help doing.”