our cloth separation – 8/21/13

8/21/13 11:06pm – 8/21/13 11:38pm

our cloth separation
(for the sake of losing light)

if you told me the buzzing was coming from inside my own ears i might believe you.
i know now that it comes from them, the mosquitos, fluttering just outside of our cloth separation.
in a matter of hours this trip has already proved worth our efforts.
if this night is any indication of the nights to come i’ll sleep more sound than i was already planning.
detouring for the sake of losing light, the shooting star missed by the corner of an eye,
accidentally facing the blinking lights of airport landing strips instead of a full moon,
the gentle decline in battery life of flashlights, the mating calls of young adults in heat,
the consideration of tide coming in at a lake, the cheap wine with bread that is named
differently depending on what part of the country you are in,
exceeding the expected
average time it
our tent,
being told to look to my phone as an unofficial editor, not knowing if a sound is rain or
bugs smashing into the side of that very tent, one hundred years of literature,
planning to sleep with a ready knife, the admittance of alien life, the denial of ownership over land,
the catholic hats, crystal pyramids of bermuda, dead bodies tied to other buoying dead bodies,
giving up on holding anything against my brother’s newborn daughter all in a first impression,
and the unfortunate circumstance that the first to wake will find himself in ALL make sleeping
easier and all the less desirable.

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