“Cody S’Round” – 8/20/13

8/20/13 8:39am – 8/20/13 9:07am

“Cody S’Round”
(opposite beds)

jason bateman stars as the typical warm-hearted good guy with his usual
brand of dry unknowingly aloof sense of humor.
in a giant school yard it is announced that any kid who is a bully, cheats on tests,
tattletales, disrespects their parents, etc. have all been visibly  categorized
and charged with further imprisonment.
chaos ensues at the hearing of this.
but still there are a good chunk of kids not singled-out.
until it is announced all best friends of those found guilty are here-by guilty by association.
best friend-labeled charges descend.
somehow more chaos ensues.
kids run amok now labeled and lawless as security personnel spew out from far corners
upon the kids now made-easily identifiable.
a narrators voice can be heard.
“with his kids at risk he’s up for the task:
he’s a normal dad who was picking up his kids from school early and accidentally got
locked in unbeknownst to the  faculty, no he’s a caring vice principal who was left out of the
plan by no accident who is at the top with a long way to the bottom of things, no no he could
be the adult actor who plays a child, but who is made funny for obviously not resembling a
child to us, who in the movie plays an undercover cop already aware of what’s going down
and feeds us the details as we stare in awe of his secret agent-like preciseness and tact,
but either way he’s ‘Cody S’Round'”.
my ears interpret this as my name, cody swann, but it was in fact
“Cody S’Round” when heard conveniently repeated by the narrator.