had i loved you unconditionally II – 12/27/12

12/27/12 2:33am – 6/5/13 11:36pm

had i loved you unconditionally II

had i loved you unconditionally
maybe i could have saved you
or maybe it had always been set in
the stone they just engraved you

you didn’t leave me much a choice
when you wiped your feet with me
you thought i’d lay beneath your door
while turning eyes so blindly

it was peeking over your shoulder
when you wanted it behind us
it’s not your fault you weren’t forgiven
damn whoever designed us

i would not attend your funeral
& have not visited you yet
but when it’s finished i’ll offer this
for both forgiveness & forget

i & ii
still i blame it for not coming to me
that kind of love that stays so easily
if we’d shared blood i’d have acted quicker
damn our water for not being thicker

iii & iv
even if you had been a well-behaved you
who i wasn’t back then could not have braved you
now i must ask the mother that made you
where it is exactly that they laid you