accidental waterbed III – 9/29/13

9/29/13 3:04pm – 10/2/13 2:23pm

accidental waterbed III
(lose this day iv)
(the pillow with high tide)
(take drool as a sign to lose sleep)

on his way back to petting their wool
he landed his eye ball in a pool
of what’s turned out to be his own drool

on his bed his wet had not yet dried
where he last hit the pillow with high tide
napping away to lose this day inside

in his mind his wet that disturbed sleep
turned the corner of his mouth to keep
him from counting their three billion sheep

in his wildest dream he’d never leap
if puddles said jump no matter how deep
awake he’ll take drool as a sign to lose sleep

on his case now is little bo peep
for letting wool be lost with his lost sleep
if he would she could adopt his sheep

in his case he would if she could sleep
buts that not the case in the case of peep
if nursery rhymes dreamt he’d donate his sheep

on his word he swears this to the creep
tucking him back in to go back to sheep
with a blanket she knit him herself to sleep

on his watch he won’t be made a fool
over his wet eye he’s going to pull
up what’s turned out to be made of wool