would you like a bag with that? – 12/29/12

12/29/12 2:50pm – 12/12/13 12:21pm

would you like a bag with that?
(seventeen days shy of a year)
(only doubt him doubting himself iii)

“whether or not he or she would like a bag is not
the answer worth having.
whether or not i have a bad memory or am not listening is
the question worth asking.”
-c.l. swann 2013


“would you like a bag with that?”,
i asked knowing full and well
the absurd short-term would take
the answer and never tell:

two times


could be that i saw his lips mouth
the single word he was saying
but when it came to reading them
my attention wasn’t paying:

thirty times


or did i ever even ask
or am i psyching myself out?
my second guessing turned a third
while casting shadows of a doubt:

ten times

“watching a man lose his mind to a bag”
-c.l. swann 2013