one in; one out – 9/28/12

9/28/12 10:48am – 9/28/12 12:31pm

one in; one out

my chair rests on a cafe patio too near the doorway.
i believe i would be just fine if it were not so.
sweat only drips slightly from my brow.
a drop here and there that i am required to wipe.
as if to say my hand was fall itself gradually erasing summer.

upon the entry of each patron i too am greeted by the escape of others.
they are the only to be unseen, but believed.
they are a gentle reminder of the cool filtered air that lay just inside
and they don’t seem to forget where it is i sit.

it is by their hand that I wish to trade this near-perfect weather,
sounds of others commutes, and sight of man’s often over looked
endeavors for a hand-crafted comfort zone.
“there is a reason I sat outside”, is what finds it’s way out of me.
“I’m not as comfortable as I could be, but if I were then what of me?”