office hours – 12/24/12

12/24/12 3:47am – 1/22/13 3:23am

office hours
(the incomplete works)

your trying to contain writing within a set of hours
so far it’s been between leaving & landing on your pillow
its only the near future that sees if you won’t or will though
& anyway it’s spun you’ll wind up needing a cold shower

how convenient it must be to come & go as you please
clocking in mid-conversation & then out with much of ease
when anytime becomes the time to get words off your chest
you’ll only laugh in retrospect once you give it a rest

there are much worse things than thoughts that you could be out collecting
but now that you’ve returned i see you’ve written about writing
with those distant looking eyes just how can i keep inviting?
when you may keep me around just to write about neglecting