of recent age – 6/3/14

6/3/14 1:33pm – 6/16/14 3:48pm

of recent age
you are right to hurt
you are right to say
whatever it is
you think of today
but come tomorrow
promise not to say
that i never looked
at you in that way)
of recent age i re-met you 
it began again with your name
in between us all became new
in replace of what’d been the same

i couldn’t  plan to become him
i couldn’t know you had been her
but cut off you’re the phantom limb
that’s gone missing from my center

of recent age i retraced you
we began again once i came
to the conclusion we both knew
began again with your name

love’s decent cage is what made him
it fell on me then me for her
it’s descent took the afraid him
and returned this to show you’re her