emergency broadcast – 7/2/12

7/2/12 1:13am & 1:02pm

emergency broadcast

even now i hear the sound of
notes up high that won’t come down
i know what it is,
but want your two cents
i’ll give you one guess after some hints

there is no whistle; no hearing test
emergency broadcast or birds nest
is it your feedback mr. swann?
no, it’s the smoke alarm; listen come on

listen come on

batteries sit there on the shelf
the alarm won’t grow legs and change them itself
i wish it would though cause I’m stuck in this head
thinking of the things that i’ll do instead

hold my breath
count the tile
catch a glance
walk the aisle

click the heels
check the time
watch ice melt
change the rhyme

pray for rain
watch my weight
stretch the truth
save the date

find the beat
reverse the curse
sign the card
finish the verse

hear the band
hum along
sound it out
learn the song