a single useful word – 5/6/13

5/6/13 11:49am – 5/13/13 4:42pm

a single useful word
(through seclusion)
(tracing can be fulfilling)


i am waiting to be told what this strange; new place is that
i now find myself strung about in.
but of course not a single useful word is pushed out from
behind their lips.
there is nothing here my eyes are seeing for a second time..
no thing or one to label a landmark.


further into my state of no direction out grew comfort from
my lack of it.
i began to see myself getting used to this.
i could see my surroundings as a picture framed.
gladly tacking that landscape to one of four walls still not yet mine.


until that first chance i will just as easily get lost in the plenty
of lines connecting the tissue of her hands.
one of the few moments tracing will prove to be fulfilling.
i’m looking only forward to what more i can learn about others
& myself through seclusion.