club round seven – 2/7/13

2/7/13 6:37am – 2/7/13 11:32pm

club round seven

club round seven:
when the brain forces itself to work closer
with the body after abandoning random motion.

i.e. it’s name is derived from boxing.
typically seen when a boxer abandons  brute
force to work in tandem with critical thinking
after fatigue sets in.

why she cried i forgot not forgetting the painted haircut – 2/6/13

2/6/13 10:51am – 2/6/13 11:47am

why she cried i forgot not forgetting the painted haircut
(if you can read this you are experiencing intermission)

i’m doing my best to keep what i
dreamt at the front of my mind.
so when i wake up i may put the pen
straight to paper.
there’s the girl sitting in the barber’s
chair having her split ends trimmed &
receiving new layers.
she had requested that someone must
paint her while seated & she is being
i’m enraged by her nerve to request
such a thing.

my head returns to intermission.
i lay in bed long enough to know that
i’m too tired to record what i’ve only
just written.
i push it to the front of my mind & not
before long i’m seated at a different showing.
i am where i work just in time to hear a
seventeen year old girl with braces start
to cry.
i’m more concerned with focusing on
not forgetting the painted haircut than
why she is crying.

my manager walks up practically begging
me to ask him why?
i don’t care to know.
he stands flustered more red than ever.
he must have been sent by me to this
garden to test me.
i don’t remember asking, but he starts
explaining himself; picking out pieces of
blame & setting them somewhere other
than his version of the story.
why she cried i forgot not forgetting
the painted haircut.

let’s keep it that way – 2/5/13

2/5/13 8:23pm – 2/6/13 2:06pm

let’s keep it that way

who sings this song?
let’s keep it that way
if I didn’t know
any better I’d say
that you were doing
your worst to portray
this tune as worth pressing
pause over play

drifting out of key
just so you could see
what it would be like
to kill a melody
& no time’s put in
to learn the words that he
chiseled & shaped
your mumbling only serves
to misquote severely

didn’t see your name on it – 2/2/13

2/2/13 3:38pm – 2/2/13 4:13pm

didn’t see your name on it
(what i did not pick up on)

i believe that i may have taken your seat.
you said it all in a look.
for me it is just another place to sit.
if it’s anything more to you just say the word.

i didn’t see your name on it, but i didn’t
check for mine either.
though i love to watch you walk away
i hate to see you leave if it was called.
don’t pick up & leave for what i did not pick up on.