treated to soft serve – 8/15/13

8/15/13 11:28am – 8/15/13 12:18pm

treated to soft serve

inside of a museum soft serve ice cream on a cone is offered,
but only allowed within the confines of a sanctioned area of the exhibit.
the enclosed area is marked off by four large strips of beige tape that make up a square.
guests are only required to stay within the square for as long as it takes them to finish their cone.
eating the soft serve ice cream outside of the sanctioned area is strictly prohibited
and sternly enforced by guards who dawn either all white fifties style ice cream man outfits
or candy-striped uniforms.
the candy-coated guards have it under strict orders to remove any violators from the soft serve station
to a smaller taped square in the next room labeled “jail” where prisoners are subjected to
being treated to soft serve on respectively smaller, thimble-sized cones.
the “jail” square is made up almost entirely by a desk and chair that faces a transparent safety glass wall
on one of the four sides.
visitations with the outside world are offered to prisoners by way of telephones set up on
both sides of the glass wall.
prisoners serve out the remainder of their sentence by finishing their thimble cone.

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