the root of it – 7/12/13

7/12/13 11:14am – 7/12/13 11:39am

the root of it

“i’ll see you then.”
again i was found making a loose promise with no intention
of making good on it.
i don’t owe him or anyone anything, but as always i found me
in my usual continued state of explanation.
“running to the restroom; I’ll be right back.”
and when i’m not –which I don’t plan to be– he’s going to think
of me being a liar as the problem rather than how much of a boring
lunatic he is being the root of it.
i’m not doing him any favor by being too kind as to not turn and run
in the opposite direction at the sound of his voice.
he’s the one who’s image will have to sit with me, not mine with him.
i am just one of many people, who if not corrected, will continue to
perpetuate others faults at the expense of my time.