second only to sleep – 10/25/12

10/25/12 2:21am – 10/25/12 3:36am

second only to sleep
(what the third tells me)
(will power’s whispers)
(there’s comedy to be found)

masturbation has proven to be the only
act that i truly look forward to.
in all reality i’ve wasted more time on it than
anything else in my short lived existence
second only to sleep.

it is a struggle even now to invest myself in these words
when there is the looming urge to go do what i’ve already done twice today.
maybe all the time spent was meant to lead up to these
words at this very moment.

ridding any guilt of my pleasures.
in a way validating my actions.
there’s comedy to be found in keeping up traditions.
or at least that’s what the third tells  me as it calls above my will power’s whispers.
to write about masturbating to keep from masturbating.

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