sam, all the same – 7/13/13

7/13/13 12:18pm – 7/23/13 10:56pm

sam, all the same

you’re the sister i never had
you were to come after my brother
you almost took my dad
when you almost took my mother

she’d said enough after my brother
and didn’t leave it for chance to decide
then said she’d like to have another
if they could get her tubes untied

and so the well was then undried
and water began again to flow
and it wasn’t long after they tried
before she began again to show

her cheeks gave off a familiar glow
that shared the news with just a shine
but you never got where you’d need to grow
and shared with more than just a sign

hours before she was feeling fine
our day like her wasn’t far along
hours later they were sewing the line
where internally she went wrong

with her was where i did belong
but dad took me out to the ballgame
on a sand diamond i tried to be strong
for a sister i’d learn never became

sam, all the same
you never were, but had a name
sam, all the same
you never were, but got the blame