lose this day iii – 1/18/13

1/18/13 12:55pm – 2/4/13 1:14am

lose this day iii

i am trying to lose this day
& that is what i am going to do
you won’t be able to reach me for now
& i can’t say we’ll be in touch soon
i know this day only seems to creep by
it comforts me none knowing it could fly
if it so chose eleven fifty-nine
pm to trade places with noon

i wish to be the dog lying around
barely aware of my owner’s rhyme
only concerned with the meal that’s to come
fed by the hand that would give me the time
then i’d make it to midnight easily
all good today would not be lost on me
if i’d lay still until i’m eventually
moved by no wrist that would give me the time

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