last meal of a nail-biter iii – 8/5/14

7/25/14 9:11pm – 8/5/14 9:43pm (8/11/14 6:36pm)

last meal of a nail biter iii
(take what robin did as a sign)
(take what eddy said as a sign)
(take what sarah said as a sign)
(take what the radio said as a sign)

my mother’s son

now’s as good a time as ever 
if ever i was going to
now i know i said i’d never
but now i might be going through

is it better to sleep forever?
to never wake on the other side
i’ve chewed it over however
you never know until you’ve tried

i could chew it over forever
but now i’m out of nails to chew
whether or not i said never
it’s never or now; the choices two 

my god, would you believe what i have done?
was always my mother’s; finally my father’s son
my god, would you believe what i’m capable of?
was always in me to hurt the ones i love