it’s that – 7/3/13

7/3/13 12:32am – 7/3/13 2:37am

it’s that

it’s not that i believe the past to be some purer form of an account.
it’s that what dates me in my own time embarrasses me in a lot of ways.
it’s not that i want to be thought of as “without era”.
it’s that the more praised marks we’ve made are what i strive to not take part in.
although it must be said i do write this on a smart phone all while driving and
do appreciate it.
although later i will donate my eyes to the sight of women who take pixelated
shape on the lit screen of a laptop.
it’s not that what you are thinking.
it’s that our time stamps makes it easier for me to lose contact with the world
it so madly wishes to connect me to.
i am it and i hate myself for that.