hidden was the favor – 7/7/14

7/7/14 10:35pm – 7/9/14 5:02pm

hidden was the favor
(it wasn’t in bad taste
that i did her the favor
it’s a fact she hasn’t faced
of time and losing flavor)

why won’t she just thank me
for making it easy
for her to forget the
good light in which she sees me?

why, i think she’d thank me
for my bad behavior
if she’d look closer to see
hidden was the favor

the favor she would see
if she did regain her sight
is having him only
bathed in rose-tinted light

i think she should thank me
by taking it easy
on light shed that can be
changed with the eye that sees me

i don’t think she’ll thank me
when all of this passes
but maybe one day she’ll see
it’s not the light it’s the glasses