frozen grapes – 8/30/13

8/30/13 1:39am – 9/5/13 12:58am

frozen grapes
(the last life’s coattails)
(same time last life)

the last time he died he died so well
looking back on a past life well spent
and this time wondering where it went
riding still on the last life’s coattails

approaching thirty-three turns him pale
the pastel greens flush his face with mint
same time last life with where all he’d went
the past tells nothing could make him dwell

and what is left of his second wind
all the proof you need man came from ape
he’d rather pick up where this life ends
and spend what’s left trying frozen grapes
whining they are not the seedless blend
advertised on the bag’s frozen shape
hurting to the touch of cold he sends
sensitive teeth a jolt of red tape