each bite thirty times – 10/27/12

10/27/12 2:25am -10/27/12 5:06pm

each bite thirty times

how long can i keep these methods of
starvation up?
eventually being a human will become
eating is the only thing in this world
that I have to do, but for some reason
or another i’ve allowed myself to think

my ability to create shows wear much
faster when this mindset sits with me.
is it really worth it just to avoid slight
pronunciations in the folds of my

please promise me you’ll allow yourself
at least this one element of humanity.
& when you do take that first bite
taste the weight that’s lifted rather
than what will be converted into pounds.

make peace with your body instead of
turning a cold shoulder to hunger.
chew each bite thirty times for
yourself before swallowing what’s
been spit into your mouth.

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