dramatization – 1/25/13

1/25/13 11am
1/26/13 5:20pm – 2/15/13 1:15am



in the off chance your drawing me
i’ll go ahead and write about you
i know you well with rolled up sleeves
legs crossed, sketch pad, & jeans blue

i have caught your eye & mine’s on you
but we can’t let red hands turn us blue
i will if you will sit still for me
like you there’s nothing under my rolled sleeves

replacing by retracing
(the magician’s secrets willingly revealed)

this setting was built by the replacing
of stepping i’d done with a retracing
everything above a copy at best
a sorted out educated guess

who i built from scratch i did my best
to restore in full all through replacing
but your’s is as good as is my guess
if his former-self holds up through retracing

so well for so long

memory can only serve you so well for so long
before your only certain of having it all wrong
but easily all certainty
will come flooding back if he
sits still just this twice for me
as i did while i was drawn

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