all the things that can end me – 10/25/12

10/25/12 2:12am – 10/25/12 2:53am

all the things that can end me

the only way around it would be to cut
them out all together.
even still you can never account for

i must save all of this so if I do go
there will be proof of my foresight.
an uneasy gift to accept at times.

this feeling of the tunnel’s end growing
nearer only compels me to write more
this is the knowlege that my minds
voice is telling  my own fortune & the
future seems bleek.

maybe not these words, but words
that come from the same place will be
my last.
actually put the word your stepping
over in a sentence man!
to die doing what i let happen.

i had yet to save any of this and was
overcome with the fear that i would be
killed before i could.
this fear transformed itself into the
belief that whatever it is that’s trying
to end me will cease it’s pursuit if i
save these words before it gets to me.

i’ve locked more than one door since then,
but it’s me that it’s in.

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