a face to the feet – 8/3/12

8/3/12 12:30pm -3/26/13 3:37am

a face to the feet

i wait & watch as his shoes move beneath the walls of bathroom stalls.
the both of us are too afraid to make a sound.
we are two adults sitting on toilets side by side in silence.

out of boredom i begin memorizing the lower half of his body.
both of us just hope the other will withdraw from our standoff.
i’m not even sure why this could be awkward.

maybe i’ll see his shoes somewhere outside of these walls.
i should do my best to hide my footwear from his sight lines.
everyone else in here is too piss shy to break our vow of silence.

all we can do is listen to each others private sound effects.
his only sound is of his exiting.
i put a face to the feet of my neighbor.
he is my partner in total vulnerability.
i wonder if he’s doing the same.