it was just handed to me – 1/4/13

1/4/13 8:48pm -1/9/13 5:28pm

it was just handed to me

there are times like these where
i feel very sad.
sad because writing is the only thing
that makes me happy.
sad because it can be the last thing i
want to do too.

but i get to write, i don’t have to write.
i should only do what makes me happy
and when what makes me happy does not,
i can not reduce my words to anymore
than they already are.

it’s funny that an action that i claim
to love gives me the fullest enjoyment
upon finishing.
when the most basic acts i enjoy: sex,
eating, sleeping, all are spent hoping
the time during will pass slowly.

with sundays off – 1/4/13

1/4/13 8:28pm – 1/5 /13 12:11pm

with sundays off

i will become the poet laureate of the
united states of america.
even now i tremble as if my foot put
down is my acceptance.

i tremble for the walk i will have to
many times put this foot down.
i neither know or care if my spelling
of laureate is correct.

if i were you i would laugh at me.
if you were me you’d work monday
through wednesday & i’d work thursday
through saturday with sundays off